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We are shipping orders as soon as possible, but due to supply chain delays, some orders could be delayed past our normal timeline. Thank you for your understanding & continued support of our (and all) small business!

We are doing our best to return to production of 4 to 6 weeks.

Choosing the right size

Curious about what size cover to purchase because you already have inserts? That's an easy one! Purchase covers that are the same size as your insert. Do NOT size down or up. We sew our covers "down" to take the guess work out of it! 

For example, a 22" cover (which we describe as "cover to fit insert size") will be sewn around 21" inches so that your 22" insert fits nice and fluffy! 

Don't have inserts? Well that's even better! Order our inserts in the same size as your covers. If you order the wrong size, we will reach out to confirm with you!

Click here to order inserts!